Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sane at last!

Sorry about my infrequent blogging, I say that as if anyone reads this lol. But I had to come of my lighterlife eating program as I was literally losing my mind, so back at weight watchers, n although I went a tad mad this week I will get stuck in next week n sort my eating out.

In other news Ellie has her new bed in her new room n have freedom after 8 at night again it's awesome :) so will hopefully get alot more out my day now.

I am at work compiling a list of things I would still like to squeeze out of 2012, before it's over. :D

Ciao xox

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Emotional wreck...

Ok so I didn't see this coming, my emotions have taken over me. I feels things I didn't used to, I'm more sensitive, I've been crying for heavens sake!!! I may have to stop this diet to reclaim my sanity. :(

Turned a corner?!

Well it's day 4 and I'm feeling pretty good, managed my shift at work, to meet my friends n out to the pub.

It's been a total love hate, rollacoaster week with this diet, I'm hoping it'll be plain sailing from here on. :)

Ciao xox

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Day three and I'm feeling awful :(

So day 3 of the plan and I'm hating it, I feel soo I'll, dull headaches, feeling sick, light headed, really lethargic, and grumpy. I'm wishing I had just stuck to my weight watchers plan, when I could eat nice food. :( but no I would cheat, or not count. This actually feels like punishment for being a bad dieter in the past.

I go to work tomorrow just a short shift, I'm hoping I feel okay, but right now I feel awful :(

Wish me luck

Ciao xox

Friday, 5 October 2012

I smell toast!!

Woke up to the smell of toast and a child that smells of coco pops. Time for my breakfast which was a very nice banana milkshake, another winner :)

Yesterday I got my first experience of the side effects, headaches n nausea were the culprits, so two paracetamol and early to bed for me. Awoke feeling fine, so I'm hoping they will be short lived. Although as I'm writing this, I'm not feeling too grand. It does say the first few days are difficult and then once your body adjusts you feel better. Glad I'm not at work til Sunday, although there still plenty to do here.

Ciao xox

Thursday, 4 October 2012

First meal down.

Ok well I had my first meal replacement meal. Raspberry Porridge. I was hopeful, but it was a struggle to eat, it had a really strong chemical/metallic taste. And an after taste. So not my favourite, I hope things can only get better :)

Ciao xox

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A step in the right direction...

Today I went to my first LighterLife meeting, start the programme tomorrow. I'm a little apprehensive for my first week, a little excited too, think I prob should of told more people but I will soon. :)

Ciao xox