Monday, 9 April 2012

Look at me I'm blogging...


I'm Ashley, and I'm new to blogger. I thought I'd give blogging another try. I had a blog when i was in my teens, full of angst, which was sadly deleted and lost from the viral world forever...

But I'm back, older and some what wiser, at least i like to think so :)!!

So a little bit about me and my new blog. As i said my name is Ashley but you can call me Ash if you so please, i live in Scotland and i am 25 years young! I have a daughter who is almost two, her name is Ellie. I am single and rather happy about it :)! We live in a town centre flat and I work part-time in the care sector. I have a big n close family and a rather large circle of friends. Life is good, if only i could learn how not to sweat the little my broken car, and overly expensive flat!! 

As for my little blog spot on the interweb, it'll mainly be an account of my days, something to record my life, my memory is awful at the best of times. I shall try to be honest, consistent and witty with my here's hoping my life is about to take an interesting turn :D!!!

Thanks for reading,

Ciao xoxo

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