Saturday, 21 April 2012

Be careful what you wish for...

Howdy, here’s a wee update


Nice to be back, it’s been a busy few weeks. My little girl turned Two, I can’t believe how fast time goes, seem like just yesterday she was born and now she’s walking and talking and learning every day. Ellie amazes me every day! To celebrate her birthday we went up to my Nannie’s and had a quiet family party it was perfect and she had a ball! Although I was not with her on her actual birthday as I was working she was at her Daddy’s and had a great day there too! She’s such a lucky girl to have such a big loving family! 

In other news we are pleased to welcome my baby niece Maeve into the world, she was born on Sunday the 15th of April. Our family just gets bigger n bigger I can’t wait to meet her, but as they live down south I shall have to wait a wee while!! My wee nephew Rory is loving his wee sister and I can’t wait to see what Ellie makes of her. Although Ellie is now stranger to baby’s she has a 5month little half sister and a 3 week old little cousin on her dad’s side.


I recently got in touch with one of my best friends who had been awful quiet for about 3 months. It’s so good to be hanging out again. Wild nights and setting the world to right!!  Met a few new peeps, so getting to know them, its all fun times, not too much drama... woop!


Currently getting organised to go to Berwick Holiday Park with my friend and her son next weekend. I’m looking forward to spending the whole 4 days with Ellie, going swimming, dancing and playing! Some quality mummy and daughter time with lots of giggle n pictures!!! My car is still broken, borrowing my mum’s at the moment, but on the Brightside its going into the garage on Monday !! Its nearly the end of the month so will get all my bills settled and hand in my notice for my flat and that will be a big stress off me...woop!  Then on to the next chapter, life after the flat heehee!
Well that my wee update, I will try to be more consistent, but I’m a very spontaneous person :/
Take care,

Ciao xoxo

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